Seminars & Keynotes

General Leadership and Communications:

  • Balance the Leadership & Management Mindsets to Connect, Align and Inspire
  • Build Team Values to Create Consensus and Drive Diversity
  • Improve Conversations with all stakeholders around Building Relationships, Developing Others, Making Decisions and Taking Action
  • Master the LEADERSHIP CONVERSATIONS Model of 2 Mindsets, 3 Perspectives and 4 Conversation Types.

Achieving Specific Business Outcomes:

  • Utilizing Your Career Conversations to Keep Your Best Employees
  • Improving one or more of:
  • Individual and Team Decision Making
  • Excelling during Change Management
  • Time Management through Mastering Powerful Baseline and Feedback Conversations
  • Succession Planning by focusing on Hiring Criteria and Career Conversations
  • Obtain, and Succeed at, Your Next Promotion.