Leadership & Communications

The keys to a successful future in any organization is to actively find the right balance between utilizing the management and leadership mindsets and then to communicate effectively to connect, align with, and inspire others. To complicate things, these leadership and communication skills become increasingly complex and nuanced as one climbs the organizational ladder.

  • Are you getting the right promotion and/or new job that you feel you deserve?
  • Showing leadership is not the same as providing management! If you have been recently promoted, have you adapted to how your job has fundamentally changed?
  • Are you and your team operating with a high degree of alignment and effectiveness?
  • Are you building the right types of relationships to guide great decision making and promote successful actions?

If not, let’s discuss what might take you from surviving to thriving!

Change & Time Management

The essence of being successful in any organization is also to master both Change Management and Time Management. We need to drive change in the leadership mindset and to master Time Management in the management mindset.

  • To what extent are you a proponent of change rather than a holdout?
  • Do you find yourself continually unable to get your work done in an acceptable amount of time?
  • How effectively are you planning and delegating?
  • To what extent are you taking charge – being proactive rather than reactive?
  • Are you tapping into emotional intelligence or just relying on your IQ?

When we talk, I can guide you through a Change Management Assessment.