Are YOU Working SMART?

Sometimes we forget that the key indicator of our and our team’s success is not how hard we work or how many hours that we put in at the office. Rather, it is what we accomplish using all the resources available to us utilizing a powerful vision and focusing all efforts strategically. Your moral and perhaps legal obligation as a leader or manager is to leave your organization better off than when you arrived. Please consider that the stronger every member of your team is, the more you can accomplish!

Ask yourself where in the following continuum you have spent most of your time over the past 3 to 6 months for each of the ten continuums and where you perhaps should have spent your time to thrive as both a leader and as a manager.  While you answers will be influenced by the culture of your company, the specific context of your job and your inner leadership persona, you must actively manage this balance.

After taking either assessment, consider calling me to personally discuss your results and the potential implications to your career.