Management/Leadership Assessment

We have developed the following assessment to assist you in establishing your leadership and conversational effectiveness baseline. Please take it with no obligation and then consider discussing them with us.

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1. Success depends more on doing the right things than it does on doing things right.


2. Developing relationships is a higher priority than achieving the organization’s short-term goals.


3. An organization that exploits opportunities will produce better long-term results than one that is effective at solving problems.


4. Tangible objectives and effective tactics are important, but a global vision and strategy are more essential to success.


5. In the long run, investments in people will produce a higher return than investments in new business processes and technologies.


6. Trusted relationships where ideas are exchanged freely are more valuable than transactional relationships that get the job done.


7. When developing a strategic plan, it is more effective to stretch your people’s skills than to stretch the available resources.


8. Teaching people how to improvise at their discretion will produce better results than precisely executing a well-structured plan.


9. Exploring unproven possibilities will produce better long-term results than operating within established boundaries.


10. Relationships with strategic partners and other stakeholders is more important to success than building a tightly knit internal team.


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